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Pursuant to, and in supplement of, the laws of the State of Tennessee (Public Chapter 410, "Non-Smoking Act) and TBR Policy No. 1:07:00:10, the following smoking policy applies to all persons at TCAT Newbern:

Smoking will not be permitted in any administrative or faculty office, shop, classroom, school vehicle, or laboratory at any time. All smoking must be done in designated outside areas that are located at least 25 feet away from any entranceway or window(s). All buildings and the main breezeway between the shop areas are smoke-free environments. The use of electronic or e-cigarettes and smokeless tobacco will be treated the same as traditional tobacco products for purposes of this policy.

Persons violating this policy will be subject to disciplinary action up to and including the termination of employment or enrollment at the TCAT. Visitors violating the policy will be asked to stop their violation. If a visitor refuses to comply with the policy after being instructed to stop will be escorted off the premises.

The instructor of each program may permit smoke breaks as deemed appropriate, but shall not interfere with the daily schedule, College policy and/or shall not be permitted in an area that is prohibited by this policy or that will present a safety hazard. Receptacles will be provided for this purpose and all persons are expected to properly dispose of their cigarette butts.